AOTU - a unique collection of graphic art that appeared within underground publications during the Sixties. Alternative and considered to be the voice of the counterculture, many were members of an international network that formed the Underground Press Syndicate. These included magazines such as OZ, IT, Rolling Stones and other cult comics. Often reprinted by other publications or as posters, the UPS network provided enormous international exposure and attracted a wealth of young talented artists as regular contributors.
Popularity grew with the advent of psychedelia as some publications began to regularly feature original colour artwork and marked the beginning of an era that would revolutionise graphic design. With availability of new materials and significant developments in printing techniques it was possible to produce stunning, vibrant images and without censorship, artists had almost unlimited creative freedom to experiment.

Many images are now famous and considered to be iconic of this time. Although some artists later received recognition, little remains known about most of the contributors.
AOTU has been produced with the assistance of artists or estates', collectors, galleries, libraries etc.

Until now sources of this work have remained limited and so those that have since been displayed within exhibitions reliant on pages from magazines or low quality posters. The AOTU collection features over 300 images and has been created utilizing advanced digital restoration techniques to produce new high resolution masters.